Injustice: Part 5 – Who are the real victims?

Populism is all about timing and placing certain “popular” decisions to distract from short comings of the government. It is about accusing others of manipulation and false reporting. It is about fooling the masses. There are many victims of the Kirchner administration as a result – except the family and close friends of the Kirchners and their allies. They made a fortune.

  • Their first victim is democracy. The constitution of Argentina no longer matters and a semi-authoritarian regime was established and nothing is done to stop this madness up to now.
  • The people of Argentina are victims, especially the poor. They were misled by platitudes and statistics about them faked so their situation could not be resolved.
  • Truth is a victim. Lies are the base of Kirchner populism and of course, blaming the others – whoever they may be. This continues today by them and their supporters.
  • The people on trial are victims, as are the victims of the Junta who are fooled to believe that the trials are for them, as are the victims of the violence of the Montoneros and ERP as they are denied the recognition they deserve.

They are all bargaining chips for the Kirchner administration. It is all about revenge, show and power.

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